It´s just a salute, why all the fuss?

We´re all allowed to be ignorant, we can´t know everything…

But what about the basics in life?

Such as who keeps our enemies at bay and keeps them from being on our soil?

Until recently, the enemy was only on our soil once – at Pearl Harbor.

The Japanese military leaders thought about continuing their victory onto the U.S. west coast until the Admiral of the Japanese Navy fleet that had just finished his first set of order informed and educated his superiors of our Second Amendment no one, not even our own government, knew how many guns Americans owned and that we owned them in abundance.

No gun control, no gun registration needed – just the desire and money to do so.

There is even a rumored comment that he said as far as he was concerned, there would be a gun behind every blade of grass — though it cannot be credited to the Admiral, this phrase quite succinctly expresses what the Japanese Army would have faced if he had indeed decided to keep sailing east.

So is the salute for everyone capable of owning and shooting a gun?

Uh, no…

Is the salute to mark Memorial Day, which marks the official beginning of summer?

Definitely not…

So why the salute?

I´m asking very simple questions as there are way too many that half-heartedly know why we have Memorial Day — and way too many more that haven´t a clue.

We, as a nation, and especially the latest few generations, have permitted our children to stay way too far from the 3 threads that hold a nation together:




In one word…


Are you way too busy getting your dopamine kicks by interacting on smartphones and not with the person next to you?

Are you closer to people you will never meet and yet find there is a distance from people who are around you every day?

Are you too occupied by busy activities and not a productive focus?

Are you just going for the ride in this boat called life?

Or do you really want to captain your own ship?

Are you even curious as to why a man would stand at attention, saluting for hours, on Memorial Day?

He stands there as he has been humbled by those who have gone before him and paid with their lives to protect everyone’s liberties and freedoms — including for you…

to be as stupid or smart as you want

to be as ignorant or educated as you want

to be as self-righteous or selfless as you want

to vote for those that want to take those liberties from you or to elect those that will be sure they are intact…

Only the last liberty and freedom list above is not ‘as much as you want’ as this is the treasure of our country — and once that treasure has been siphoned away, centuries of history have shown and guarantee your liberties and your freedoms will be no more, your liberties and your freedoms will be lost forever…

That salute honors those whom he outlived as he felt the heat of the bullets on his ear as they whizzed by, or managed to gain his or her hearing after an explosive goes off right next to them — perhaps losing a limb, two, or three…

That salute honors those whom he outlived so he could tell their story…

That salute honors every soldier – whether on the battlefield or not,

As every soldier knows you leave no one behind, you protect those around you, and you are a member of the strongest and best trained military team ever to walk this earth.

All of this commands our respect — and all of this never once demands our respect, not once…

Our soldiers know that if they demand respect from you, if they demand you to honor them, then they have forfeited every level of trust they truly deserve…

Yet they do all this for those who can no longer do this much for anyone…

A single Marine stands at attention, for hours, no matter what the weather.

He salutes the veterans, their families and their friends, and every supporter — and especially those we honor at then end of every May, the military heroes who came home having made one last and ultimate sacrifice for all of us…

They are every where through out the world – Normandy, Ireland, Philippines, Arlington National Cemetery…

Even the unknowns are given their own burial spot at the Arlington National Cemetery along with the focused respect and honor for not having had a burial by family and friends.

No matter where you see any of our soldiers, that is your turn to step up and invest your time, energy, and presence to give them something they can never give to you…

The blessing of saying,

“Thank you Sir (or Ma’am)!
Thank you,
oh so very much!”

If you haven’t visited a military cemetery or a cemetery with our military heroes buried within, then you owe yourself a moment to do so.

On average, we only see 70 or so Memorial days in our lifetime — for the most part, most of the military buried spent that much time just in boot camp.

Taking an hour a year is the least we can do…

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