Thank You, Lord, We Are Back!

After several months of being offline, we have returned! A LOT has changed in the world, a well as in our own little world.

Our site is still free however it is not as robust as it was when we took it down — for now, that is.

Anyone can visit our website, however, to comment on the POSTS on our site requires you to register with us. This will allow you to comment on our POSTS as well as debate your point(s) with others – keywords being comment and debate. Cheap opinions, verbal abuse of others, and otherwise being a jerk will result in deletion of the comment(s) and most likely being permanently blacklisted with our sites.

Also, you will notice our Latest and Video News services are absent. Both have to be rebuilt as it was part of the problem of which we explain in the next section. Both are at the top of our list of things to do. Once the services have been restored, previous Lates News and Video News Newsletter recipients will continue to receive the associated newsletters free of charge. New subscribers will be charged $1.99 a month for these services.

To be able to comment on our posts, please use the registration form below. Our privacy policy: we do not buy not sell lists, your information is never shared with anyone. See our privacy policy here. Registration for the Latest News and Video Newsletters will be provided on a separate form once the services have been launched.

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What Happened

Late in September (2020), our shared server experienced crashes on a daily basis. The provider was notified and a few days later they let us know we needed to move to a dedicated server – there was just too much traffic and too many processes going on at the same time for a shared server. Unfortunately, the worst news was part of our database had been progressively corrupted from the crashes over a several-week period, meaning the backups were untrustworthy to be used in full. We would have to filter through the database backups for the good data and use what we could.

As for a dedicated server, anyone who has shopped for and/or uses a hosted dedicated server knows it is expensive. We performed a cost analysis of various scenarios, including complete ownership of our own server. The cost of owning the server was far lower – however, being in Brazil, we would have to overcome their weak infrastructure. Blackouts and periodic drops in electricity service are very common here in Brazil. We also had to learn a thing or two about servers as in the past we relied upon the server host to do our dirty work.

If we were going to have our own server, we were going to need to create our own redundancies for electricity as well as internet connections. Thankfully, the internet has improved greatly here with the arrival of a very competitive Internet Service Provider who is focused on stability and not just the number of active accounts they have. So our challenge was to develop redundancies that would keep our connectivity during the blackouts and short drops. Also, being we are not going to be in Brazil forever, the redundancies had to be transportable.

We finally came up with a solution but unfortunately, nearly everything in Brazil moves very slowly. Their yes means maybe, their no means maybe, while any sense of urgency and quality is not very prevalent. This forced us to rely on imports for mission-critical items that have 100% or higher tariffs. Yet, here we are, FINALLY online with our own server as well as with a backup infrastructure setup in Brazil as well as globally. All of this went well into 5 figures and had to come out of our own pockets, for which we thank the Lord for making ALL this possible.

About Our Latest Posts, News, and Videos Newsletters

You who are previous recipients of our newsletters raved about – and dearly miss – our Latest News and Video News Newsletters. Do know getting the Newsletters rolling again is our top priority. We have to rebuild the feeds as well as the newsletters and will require everyone who once had our newsletters to opt-in. An email will be sent to our previous newsletter recipients to let you know what you need to do. Given we still have some challenges in completing our redundancies, unfortunately, we cannot provide a launch date for the newsletters just yet. We will keep the previous recipients updated during this process.

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