Our Guidelines

Our guidelines are just that — guidelines.

We will modify our guidelines when the situation deems this necessary – not to accommodate the situation but to improve service to all our users.

Any time there are updates, a notice will be posted on the sidebar for your reference.

Submitting Content

  • All points must be backed by original documentation, including author, date of publication, and link
  • This is a debate forum — things WILL get heated
  • You are responsible for replying to comments, we will only interject with your permission or if the situation warrants such
  • Long posts (more than 1000 words) are welcomed however if installments would fare better we will make that suggestion
  • Foul language and/or name calling will result in rejection of your publication

Comments guidelines

  • Stay focused on the topic of the post to which you are commenting
  • Claims, counterpoints, and justifications must be accompanied by links to the original documentation by the person being quoted
  • All sources must have author, date of publication and link
  • Unless referring to an accredited research or think tank, organizations can be used to further support your claims, counterpoint and/or justifications but not for supporting original documentation — the author, date of publication and link must be provided
  • Comments without original documentation will be viewed as emotional claims thereby resulting in deletion
  • Foul language and/or name calling will result in blocking

We govern our groups, web, and social media platforms we own by the principles given during the dedication to our Statue of Liberty on 28-October-1886…