Contacting Congress

List of Twitter Accounts for Members of Congress

CSPAN maintains more than a dozen public lists on twitter of various groups in the public sector, to whom we say thank-you-very-much!

Public list of the twitter accounts used by the U.S. Representatives : CLICK HERE

Public list of the twitter accounts used by the U.S. Senators : CLICK HERE

Discover all public lists CPSAN offers : CLICK HERE

Do know twitter places a limit of 200 new followers a day — if you are a blogger or other avid grass roots writer and are going to follow more than the limit then anticipate it will take 2 or 3 days to follow all twitter accounts offered.

Contacting Congress by Traditional Means

To find your U.S. Representative CLICK HERE

To find your U.S. Seantor CLICK HERE

Please Note: We are seeking actively maintained listings of all our Congress on all social media platforms (LinkedIn, facebook, google plus, etc). If you know of such lists, leave us a comment below. Thank you very much!

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