About Puppets (Reason) and Puppeteers (Emotion)

Originally published: 2018-09-07 00:17:33

The human mind is a battleground of contending forces, where the two most powerful are reason and emotion: reason assesses life, and produces measures that are adaptive, to the best of its ability; emotion, by-and-large, operates on feelings.

Ordinarily, an uneasy truce prevails between the two generally incompatible powers.

Islam is an intensely emotional authoritarian system of belief.

Hence Islam induces powerful emotional imprinting in a large percentage of its adherents.

It is from this segment of the Muslim population that the fanatic jihadists arise and pose existential threats to the “other.”

The jihadists are rigidly-imprinted foot-soldier Islamic automatons that have little choice but to carry out the fatwa and dictates of their high-ranking religious leaders, such as the Ayatollahs in the case of the Shi’a and Muftis for the Sunni.

The authoritarian type poses numerous problems and presents many ramifications — ramifications much too important and complex to be comprehensively treated here.

For now, it is important to understand that a person with the authoritarian personality is an extremist.

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