A Worthless Letter from the VA Governor to Someone Who Became What He Should Be

Some may remember that the Democratic Governor of Virginia since 2014, Terrance McAuliffe, pardoned 60,000 felons just in time for the election — and was quite public about why: to sway the election in favor of Hillary.

Now, a voter fraud group is requesting information on those voters, as the governor pardoned them with an auto-pen despite a state court’s requirement that an individualized determination be made for each felon.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation wants to ensure that each and every one of the 60,000 felons Terrance pardoned were personally reviewed and approved, per state law — it does not take a rocket scientist to know that was not a possibility never mind a feasibility.

A wife of one of the felons pardoned shared some of her thoughts on the site Patheos and this letter was brought to my attention.

The wife was taken aback a bit as her husband had died in the first month of Terrance’s term as governor…

This alone immediately raises several questions…

If Terrance did NOT know this, why not?

If Terrance’s information was amiss on this one, then much more information of the 60,000 was amiss?

How easy would it have been to find out that this ‘felon’ has already passed? and others as well?

If Terrance was using auto-pen then how was it determined which of the 451,471 felons in Virginia were to be pardoned and on what premise?

Given the errors of judgement and premises shared by this one letter, then how many more grievous acts were over committed as well  – in addition to the most likelihood that few – if any – of the cases were personally reviewed by Terrance?

But there is more to this – a whole LOT more…

And not just the personal side of it all.

Read on…


src: Patheos.com

The Letter: A Response to Governor McAuliffe

Francis was a redeemed man in the eyes of God for righteous reason long before Terrance exercised his secular redemption for self-righteous excuses…

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