A Question, No Matter What Your Political Affiliation

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Just What Are You Pretending Not to Know?

Have you become a member of the global as well as local society that

prides yourself in opinions that carry no intrinsic value?

listens with your eyes and immediately puts value on limited content?

believes in self-assertion is a truth?

believes your beliefs are a truths?

is robust in seeking out like minded so not to feel alone?

Have you abandoned

seeking wisdom almost entirely?

learning the art of truly debating?

learning how to listen with our heart?

seeking the context as well as the content of a situation?

seeking voices that challenges you to think?

raising heroes that make you look at good and great character?

any sense and insight of wisdom that surpasses all knowledge?

developing true character that knows it is better to be alone than belong a crowd that is oh so very wrong on so many levels?

Have you replaced character with

seeking voices that agree with your feelings?

raising heroes that make you laugh at the weaknesses of others incapable of defending themselves?

searching for counsel that lacks any sense as well as insight and who dwell within the limits of knowledge?

What is most important today anywhere in the world is the restoration of individual character, first and foremost.

Character remains focused on everything listed above as abandoned…

Daily, you should be taking the time to step aside from everything and reflect not on everything that is happening to your family, your community, to America but on what you can do for yourself, your  family, your community, for America…

Without the building and retention of character any community, any nation, will fail to sustain what is most necessary to keep it alive for the next generation never mind the next century.

Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” ~ John F Kennedy

The first thing to remember if you focused on building character is the guilty are always the least affected by their actions and especially their words — are you part of the problem? or resolved to become part of the solution?

Discover the difference between religion and faith — they are as different as night and day, one will behold you to a doctrine, the other to a relationship with Your Maker.

Come to terms with changes that need to be made to make a difference — and start with yourself first. Change NEVER works very well from the outside in, but always builds upon itself from the inside out.

Focus on 3 things to implement change internally…

Qualify and verify the voices you are you listening to — do they build? are they focused on your future? Avoid those that don’t unless you are seeking an assessment…

Reassess who you consider a hero or heroes — what are they really promoting?

Qualify and verify those whose counsel you pursue — what is their record? Who do they listen to? Who do they consider a hero?

Change these 3 things and you will not recognize your past in short order…

You can’t save anything nor change anyone until you change — and right now, the character level in your family, your community, in our country, and in many countries, is depending on this one change.


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3 thoughts on “A Question, No Matter What Your Political Affiliation

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    Thu, 4-Aug-2016 at 11:01 AM

    “A society of character rejects those who propose coercion and theft–taxation beyond what is necessary for bare essentials–as solution to their ills. A society of character rejects these out-of-hand before they can gain any traction at all. A society of character rejects these ideas in the home, the workplace, the community, and by extension then, the state and nation, just as a good parent slaps the hand of a toddler taking a candy bar from a store shelf. Or, a mother marching a child back into the store to return the stolen candy bar, once discovered. Or, a father who takes a child who found money at school to the principal’s office to hopefully find the owner. A society of character does not allow theft at any level. No society remains free or prosperous that allows theft unchecked or enables institutionalized theft by the State. Yet, today, and for generations, Americans cry out, ‘Freedom!’, while promoting more theft and coercion. This is a people of no character who would knowingly or unknowingly (like the little toddler) continue to steal from their local store or fellow student to receive ill-gotten gain. Individuals and societies of character get this with no explanation required–it is ingrained into their DNA.” DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” (Daily Journal Drafts)

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