A New Day for Veterans

Without a doubt, our military has been under attack at home by the very administration to which they reported for 8 years, there has been little honor and respect coming from the Oval Office from what I have observed.

And without a doubt, we will have a new President that will permit our military to focus where they need to so they can get their job done — which will be an entirely new experience for soldiers who have enlisted in the last 8 years.

And without a doubt, God will be permitted back into the military as well.

There is something that keeps our military strong in times like this and their love of and for country is what sustains nearly all of them.

Whenever there is a big challenge,  we need to embrace something even bigger…

In God We Trust — on all our currency, in every military heart and family.

None of us can say thank you enough for the time, energy, and investment all our military – soldiers as well as family — have made all in the name of love of country…

We can however show our humbleness, respect and honor for all you have done…

Shake your hands when we see you…

And forgive us if our salute is sloppy and not as snappy as yours, you have been blessed with a DI who transformed you from civilian to soldier.

But we do want to salute you and say

“Thank you!
Thanks so very much!”



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