Getting Grounded

First, be advised there are a LOT of links in this post, mostly to assist you if you are not up to date on recent U.S. history. If you believe you are then I challenge you to test your beliefs. Our biases will distort even the simplest of things and only when we research and test our beliefs as well as intuition do we discover how many times we are wrong… This is exactly what Adam Savage said in providing an answer during his interview with FoxNews before filming the final episode of Myth Busters. The question? What myth he thought was still unsolved.

Let his answer sink in for a moment (the words in italic above) as it is so true on oh so many levels…

Many know who CAIR and MB are and what they represent, however for those still in a fog CAIR is not an acronym for Christians Against Islamic Radicals, it is however an acronym for the Council of American-Islamic Relations, and was founded in June 1994 by 3 former officers of the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP): Omar Ahmad (IAP President; became CAIR President), Nihad Awad (IAP PR Director; became CAIR Secretary & Treasurer), and Rafeeq Jaber (IAP Chicago Chapter President; became CAIR Vice President) [wiki]. MB is short for the Muslim Brotherhood which is a transnational Sunni Islamist organization founded in Egypt by Islamic scholar and schoolteacher Hassan al-Banna in 1928. MB gained supporters throughout the Arab world and influenced other Islamist groups such as Hamas with its “model of political activism combined with Islamic charity work”, and in 2012 sponsored the elected political party in Egypt after the January Revolution in 2011. However, it suffered from periodic government crackdowns for alleged terrorist activities, and as of 2015 is considered a terrorist organization by the governments of Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates [wiki]. More about both in a moment.

Finally, much thanks to Cher Berens for permission to share her content here.

Biggest Lie About Islam

Next, something many especially politicians need to get through their thick heads:

Islam is
>>> N O T <<<
a religion,
Islam IS
a theocracy

And I cannot emphasize the ‘NOT‘ enough. Just because a the ignorance of a politician calls it such does not make it such. There is a HUGE difference between the theocracy and religion — this post is providing links all over the place to help you do your own homework (a separate window will open, if you have popups blocked you may need to turn them off or better yet, right-click the word and then click open in a new tab or window). I’ve already done most of the homework here and truthfully I have Gigabytes of notes and data that can be scoured for research — all of it original source documents.

How We Got Here (nutshell version)

We’re in this mess today as many, including yours truly, blindly relied up on and assumed the ‘professional journalists’ and ‘knowledgeable professors’ would do their job without bias and without injecting their own thoughts while they simultaneously hid the real evidence all along, many times right in plain sight. Many of us have discovered that their perspective was and still is skewed from not researching the context of their content.

We are also here as my principles that made our country great have been declared biased, racial, incorrect, <put your excuse here> by those that were more interested in protecting their agenda than they were in doing what they promised in their oath, to preserve and protect our Constitution — period.

It is now time to either put up or shut up, and many with insecurities for only God knows why have chosen to whine and bloat more than anything else. This is evident from their declaring the ‘truth’ only to either squander back to their corner when surrounded by indisputable facts, especially when gained from original source documents. Or if not that, then they are pulling out the race card and then stand there as if it means something, like a stiff reed in a high wind (and in the end the wind wins)… Race card holders and accusers are completely ignorant (or stupid) of the fact racism basically expired with the Civil War (The Jim Crow laws? The KKK? Both failed Democratic ploys to make the blacks believe it hasn’t). The majority of the people are NOT racist — there will always be a few as evil cannot be legislated out of existence.

The irony of Islam is theocracy is the very thing the Democratic Party has been fighting against since its inception with Andrew Jackson — however being as it is Islam and not Christian, they suddenly change the rules… This exceptions to the rule pattern is also very obvious in the Quaran — the latter part named Medina overrides the early part of their bible, the Mecca (more details). Whatever is contradictory in the Quran the Medina part overrides the Mecca part — reason? It was the latest written word to their Quran…

Now, a look at the major areas that Islam, CAIR, ISIS and the MB are infiltrating as well as how…

Our Education System

Brigitte Gabriel, President and Founder of Act for America,  uses original source documents as well a certified copies in her work, she rarely relies upon journalists, authors, researchers (unless her own vetted team, and their work is still vetted before going public), and the others that most likely have not reviewed the context as well as the content of their work. Since the mid 1990’s, our education system has been infiltrated by CAIR…

Brigitte Gabriel: Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy America from Within: Infiltration (2011)

Anyone who has been following the events of the past decade know that if anything things have become more dire than she portrays here, only 5 years ago – an eye-opening 46 minute video

The Muslim Tet Offensive – Cheri Berens

Background: The VietNam Tet Offensive was one of the largest military campaigns of the VietNam War, launched on January 30, 1968, by forces of the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese People’s Army of Vietnam against the forces of South VietNam, the United States, and their allies. It was a campaign of surprise attacks against military and civilian commands and control centers throughout South Vietnam. The name of the offensive comes from the Tết holiday, the Vietnamese New Year, when the first major attacks took place. The author of this extract, Cheri Berens, and the post at the end of this link is correctly labeling the Syrian/Muslim refugee crisis of 2015 and 2016. Cheri is an American Expat that has been living in the Middle East for quite a while, provides first-hand knowledge of what is happening there and is well aware of the politics played by both the American government and the media. We do ask you to keep her in your prayers as well.

Europe and the west were and still are being played for what the refugee situation really is — many are focused on the shells and not the shell game, thereby allowing a symbolic yet lethal Trojan horse to enter within each country in which the refugees force themselves through their borders… or nonchalantly walk through in other cases. It is a global Tet Offensive that is being completely ignored by the left, RINO’s as well as many conservatives. And the “refugees” are not wasting any time in making their demands, infiltrating the education systems, raping women, and draining the host country by every means possible, taking their strategy out of Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals, the Cloward-Piven Startegy as well as their own Sharia Law.

An excerpt from her post begins…

Allowing Muslim “refugees” into western countries—refugees who are primarily male Muslims of fighting age—is simply beyond comprehension and logic. Yet Europe, Canada, Australia, and America, are allowing these people to enter by the tens of thousands.

I believe, with facts to back it, that an Islamist Agenda was put in place in these countries long ago, and these “armies” of Islam, i.e. “refugees”, fit nicely into their agenda. With radicalization going on in mosques in every western country, including America, the timing is ripe for a Tet Offensive.

Well over 2 million Muslims go to Hajj each year. It’s a massive, well-coordinated “travel event” that takes months of planning and coordination. Ferry boats and other ships, normally used for Hajj, were used to transport the first massive waves of “refugees” to Greece from Turkey. These “refugees” were then shuffled onto trains and buses, which were also well organized and waiting, and which took the “refugees” to Germany, France and elsewhere in Europe. The first wave of refugees was sudden and quite thorough. It was an organized Hajj-like invasion.

I believe it was a well-planned event to place thousands of “Soldiers of Islam” into western countries. This massive wave of refugees caught everyone off guard–no one knew it was coming–except for those that participated in the planning (like Turkey, who had ships ready and waiting). Another clue is that most of the first wave of “refugees” had no ID. I believe the majority of them were not Syrian.

ISIS training camps have been “specializing” in suicide bombings for more than a year. There are training camps in many places, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia and Sinai, to name a few. And though all ISIS members are taught suicide bombing as part of their training, there has been a major focus this last year to train women and children, both girls and boys, for suicide attacks. This means that even women and children “refugees” are a very high security risk. Why suicide bombings? Because suicide bombings kill the most people. And women and children are least likely to be suspected–they can easily enter a mall or shopping center–even a school, without being suspicious.

Continue reading her post here (with videos)….

Do You Know What the CAIR Is Doing In Your State?

How did Islam get to the State level in our country? Through the Federal Government as well as lax State policies that permit the harboring of Enemies of State, aka Sanctuary Cities…

Something Cheri shared recently…

I follow most Muslim Brotherhood (MB) organizations in America on social media. I follow MB mosques, CAIR National, as well as CAIR state branches, and I follow ICNA, ISNA and MPAC — all powerful MB groups that recruit activists for the pro-Muslim agenda in America. I also follow several of the Muslim Student Associations in our top universities — MIT, Harvard, Georgetown, Yale and others. There are thousands of activist groups, with thousands of members, who are actively promoting an anti-America, pro-Muslim agenda both nationally and in your state.

All of these organizations have powerful “media” campaigns, some even have “journalist guides” for your local TV stations and newspapers. The guides instruct the media on political correctness; i.e. never use the words terrorist, Islam or Muslim when reporting crimes, or possible terror attacks, even when these acts are committed by Muslims.

Most all mosques in America have programs that promote conversions to Islam in poor neighborhoods, prisons, and also, many mosque communities target women at homeless shelters or battered wife facilities.

At first glance, you think these mosques are helping the poor, the homeless, the battered, but on closer look, when you follow the progress of these programs as I have, you see Islamic classes being given in the poorer neighborhoods and at homeless shelters and recognize that vulnerable sectors of our society are being targeted for conversions to Islam.

Many of these social media sites not only support Black Lives Matter but they create events for Black Lives Matter in coordination with Muslim events. Racial division is very important to CAIR.

Monthly, some times weekly visits to prisons are organized by many mosques to convert blacks and Hispanics in prisons. The numbers of converts in prisons are astronomical, thanks to the hundreds of mosques promoting this endeavor. Many of these converts are in prison for violent behavior. There are at least 22 known jihadi training camps in America. My guess is that many of the more violent recruits will be funneled into various training camps when they are released from prison.

CAIR and the other MB organizations know people look at their websites, therefore they do a lot of deceptive tactics. Many are pushing the word “Love”. Islam has no concept of love in its ideology. On the contrary, hatred and violence towards Christians and Jews is taught throughout the Quran – this hatred towards non-Muslims is a major foundation of Islamic ideology.

Using the word “Love” fools many Americans. It is a large part of the Interfaith scam. The Interfaith concept was started by Muslim Brotherhood members and is used incessantly by CAIR. When CAIR wants signatures on petitions that take away your rights or cause changes in our society—CAIR obtains the backing of Christian and Jewish groups—via the Interfaith scam.

Last year CAIR asked Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate gun shop owners who declared their shops a Muslim Free Zone. CAIR got 50 signatures, all from Christian and Jewish groups, to sign these petitions. The Christian and Jewish groups that belong to these Interfaith groups think they are fighting “discrimination”, but they are being used. The people who will be “discriminated” against via these petition drives will be the American people.

One of the biggest deceptions on these websites, Interfaith organizations, and mosque websites, is Quran verse 5:35. If they use this verse you know they are practicing the art of deception and radicalization:

Whoever kills a person, it is as if he has killed all mankind.

Whoever saves a person, it is as if he has saved all mankind.

You are led to believe the word “person” and “mankind” applies to all people. But what the verse says in its entirety is that if a Jew kills a Muslim, the crime must be treated as if that Jew has killed all Muslims. In other words, a Jew killing a Muslim is a crime of the largest magnitude (hint: think about Israel). This verse is used in mosques worldwide to promote hatred towards Jews and Israel.

These two lines were used as the opening “prayer” for Obama’s Conference on Counterterrorism last year. Counterterrorism? This verse is used in mosques to promote acts of terrorism!

Our US Congress has opened their sessions with this verse — as an opening payer! A prayer! This verse is a threat directly aimed at Jews and all non-Muslims. And since Islamic ideology does not consider Jews or Christians to be equal to “humans” (the Quran calls them apes to designate their lower status), this verse should not be used as a “prayer” by our Congress. This verse is stating that people are not equal. That Muslims have more rights than non-Muslims, as outlined in the Quran (women have ½ the rights as men; non-Muslims have no rights, are considered slave status, etc.)

Muslim groups have tremendous power and often enact this power via activism and lawsuits, usually based on “human rights” or accusations of “racism”.

For example, a woman applies for a job. When she applied she did not wear a hijab. But as soon as she is hired she shows up at work wearing a hijab and begins taking personal breaks at prayer times. When the employer says no to the extra “breaks”, she files a lawsuit via CAIR. Then CAIR, using various social media campaigns, rallies Muslims to protest and sign petitions against this act of “racism” and “prejudice” against Muslims. And since employers can’t afford these expensive lawsuits, and because they often do not want the negative press (banks and universities do not want this type of press), they kowtow. Muslim employees are then allowed to take longer and more frequent breaks. They are often allowed special rooms set aside as prayer rooms.

You’ve probably seen the lawsuits brought against supermarkets. Throughout America, Muslims are allowed special check out lanes because they don’t want to touch a bottle that contains alcohol, or touch a container that contains pork.

Muslims are not supposed to “consume” alcohol or pork, but there is nothing that says they cannot touch a bottle, container or package containing those substances. The “separate checkout lanes” are orchestrated to give Muslims special rights. Muslim Supremacy is mandated by Islamic Law. This “Supremacy” is mentioned throughout the Quran and is a foundation of Islamic ideology. It is against Islamic Law for non-Muslims to be treated equal to Muslims. Muslims are to be “distinct and separate”. The Quran states very clearly that Muslims are to have more rights than non-Muslims.

CAIR is also creating “hate crimes”. Every year the FBI’s “hate crime” list shows that crimes against Muslims is lower than any other group. Crimes against Jews, blacks and homosexuals always rank much, much higher than crimes against Muslims. Hate crimes against Muslims are few and always rank lowest on the list. My opinion, after monitoring CAIR for over a year, is that the majority of these recent “hate crimes” against Muslims were created by CAIR to implement new laws regarding “discrimination against Muslims”.

CAIR desperately wants the number of hate crimes to rise. CAIR will use hate crimes to promote their agenda, to take away our basic freedoms, and to make more changes to our Homeland Security and Law Enforcement policies.

These groups claim there is prejudice and hatred towards Muslims and therefore mosques and Muslims must not be monitored. CAIR declares that our suspicions of possible radical behavior, even when valid, are “Islamophobia”, and that “hate” and “prejudice” are the cause of our suspicions. CAIR wants “hate crimes” against Muslims to show up in police reports, which will make hate crimes against Muslims show up in the next FBI hate crime statistics. Once they achieve this new statistic, more Homeland Security and Law Enforcement policies will change yet again to “protect” them.

CAIR is the main group behind Hijab Day at your child’s school or university, and also National Hijab Day. Why are we allowing this to happen? Because schools and universities are afraid of being called Islamophobic. This word was created by CAIR and implemented by various MB groups in universities, and now is a word that is used incessantly by every Muslim activist group.

In January (2016), CAIR National announced the following regarding their affiliate, the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC): “MPAC’s Hollywood Bureau will meet with entertainment executives regularly and often, and attend all events, such as the Sundance Film Festival, to further help move our cause forward.”

Not long after this announcement, the Sundance Film Festival was held, and various movie stars, directors and producers made statements to the press, that America was racist. One example was Danny DeVito, who said this in an interview at the Sundance Festival: “The entire country is a racist country … We’re living in a country that discriminates … generally speaking, we’re a bunch of racists.”

Not long after the Sundance Festival, Obama visited a Muslim Brotherhood mosque and made a press conference. Obama said that Americans form a “hugely distorted impression” against Muslims based on TV, film and negative news reporting. He said that the film industry must start promoting a good image of Muslims. Obama called for “writers and producers to create more rounded Muslim characters on television”. Within a few days after Obama made those statements, Secretary of State John Kerry met with film industry heads and said that ISIS should be battled by using the film industry.

We will soon see changes in children’s shows, TV programming and movies. The Muslim agenda will soon be seen in a vast array of film media. And it won’t be about “fighting ISIS”. No, instead there will be a noticeable promotion of head-scarfed girls and other pro-Muslim agendas to make Islam seem desirable and harmless. Our children and grandchildren will be slowly brainwashed.

CAIR state branches constantly announce “events”. They have petition campaigns, rallies at courthouses, and they invite Islamic speakers to speak about “Muslim Issues”. Following your local CAIR branch is informative. For example, in Oklahoma they just hosted “Muslim Day at the Capitol”. Guest speakers discussed these topics:

  • Oklahoma’s Public Education (they want to make changes that are more pro-Islam)
  • The 10 Commandments, Sharia Law, and the Separation of Church and State (they want to insert Islamic Law into government)
  • I Stand With Ahmed and Black Lives Matter: How Social Media Helps Achieve Cultural Change

A key word used in one of the topics above was “Cultural Change”. This is one of their main goals: changing western culture to an Islamic culture.

Do you want to participate in ending this slow progression of “take-over”? Then follow CAIR social media sites. At the bottom of the attached webpage I’ve listed state by state info. Also, on the link is additional Islamic terms used to fool Americans so you will know what Muslim groups really mean when they use certain terms. For example, Terrorism: Terrorism is only when a Muslim is killed (see how you can be misled by their terminology?). Click the link for all of the terminology and state by state info.

Knowledge is power. Know what the Muslim Brotherhood is doing in your state.

terrorist training camps in the U.S. (March 2013)

Putting All This Into Context

Here is some terminology you should know as it is defined as a Muslim understands them and wants to manipulate your thinking (with much thanks to Cheri Berens)

Terrorism: Terrorism is only when a Muslim is killed.

Innocent: Only a Muslim can be innocent. Non-Muslims are never innocent. They are always guilty of not following Islamic Law or not subordinating to Muslims.

Freedom: Only Islamic Law can lead to true freedom.

Justice: Justice can only be obtained via Islamic Law.

Peace: Peace can only occur when Islam takes over the entire population of the world and Islamic Law is implemented on all people.

According to Islamic Ideology, the following terms have dual meanings…

Jihad and Peace

Islamic Doctrine defines Jihad as “warfare against non-Muslims”.

Islam divides the world into two: Dar al-Islam (the House of Peace) and Dar al-Harb (the House of War).

When there is Islamic Law and Islamic Rule, this is Dar al-Islam (house of peace). The rest of the world, countries not abiding by Islamic Law and Islamic Rule, is the Dar al-Harb (house of war)—where jihad must occur.

The goal of Islam is to make Dar al-Harb non-existent until the entire world is Dar al-Islam. Only then will there be “Peace” (under Islamic Law and Rule). And only then will there be no need for Jihad (war against non-Muslims), because there will no longer be anyone but Muslims.


Terrorism is defined as killing a Muslim “without any right to do so” (an eye for an eye is ok–that is a “right” for Muslims). Killing a Muslim is considered terrorism. If you kill a non-Muslim, say a Christian or a Jew—that is NOT considered terrorism. The San Bernardino and Paris attacks are not considered acts of “terrorism”. Killing Jews in Israel are not considered acts of terrorism.

So a Muslim will say “terrorism is against Islam” and therefore mislead us into thinking Muslims are against terrorism, but what they really mean is that they are against killing Muslims. Terrorism is only when a Muslim is killed.

Suicide and Martyrdom

Muslims are forbidden to commit suicide. But martyrdom, being killed in Jihad, is a direct admittance to Paradise. So a Muslim will claim that ‘suicide’ is not allowed in Islam, to fool you into thinking Muslims are against “suicide bombings”, yet all Muslims know that a suicide bombing in the name of jihad is considered admirable. When there is a suicide bombing that kills many people, Muslims will not condemn it. They are “silent”, and this is why.

Where CAIR and the MB Can Be Found In Your State

This list was compiled  and permission granted for sharing by Cheri Berens… Feel free to copy and share as well!

CAIR National on Twitter: @CAIRNational

CAIR National website:

Alabama @cair_al

Alaska use National: @CAIRNational website:

A massive Islamic Center is being built in Anchorage.

They advertise Quran schools and the teaching of Islamic Law.

Arizona @CAIRAZ

Arkansas use National: @CAIRNational CAIR National website:

CAIR is in the process of forming an Arkansas branch.

Meanwhile, CAIR national has gone on full blown attack mode in Arkansas because of the shooting range owner who declared its business a “Muslim Free Zone”.


@CAIRLA Los Angeles

@CAIRSFBA San Francisco / Bay Area

@CAIRSacramento Sacramento

@CAIRSanDiego Dan Diego

Colorado use National: @CAIRNational website:

While there is no Colorado branch, CAIR national is creating ways to make Muslims have more rights than non-Muslims in Colorado, primarily in the workplace.

Connecticut CAIR Connecticut’s website: National: @CAIRNational website:

CAIR national is sponsoring workshops at Connecticut mosques that teach Muslims what to say to police, government officials, airport personnel, law enforcement and others.

Delaware use CAIR national and CAIR Pennsylvania (which for now is taking care of Delaware)  National: @CAIRNational website:

Florida @CAIRFlorida

Georgia @CAIR_GA

Hawaii Use National: @CAIRNational website:

No branch yet, but CAIR national is bringing lawsuits against various Hawaiian workplaces, radio stations, and reporting “hate” crimes.

Idaho use National: @CAIRNational website:

CAIR national has been interfering with the passage of laws banning “foreign laws”; i.e. Islamic Law.

There were many comments about Idaho on CAIR Twitter feed such as:
“Another backward state of potato farmers. We need to keep sending people to America to have large families, to replace these idiots, so that in a few decades, they will be the minority and won’t be able to do anything about it.”

Illinois @cairchicago

Additional info:

Chicago Islamic Center

The center’s imam preaches that Muslims should wage violent jihad to destroy Israel and that paradise awaits those who die fighting.


The director of CAIR-Chicago has consistently defended organizations affiliated with Hamas and the Brotherhood.

Chicago Muslim Student Association (MSA)

Abdel Malik Ali led a ‘pledge of allegiance’ at a MSA event stating: “Jihad is my spirit… I will die to establish Islam”

Indiana use National: @CAIRNational website:

CAIR national is posting many cries of Islamophobia and hate crimes accusations in Indiana.


CAIR Iowa is promoting the allowance of Syrian “refugees” via Interfaith communities.

Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids

The center’s website stated that it received donations from Saudi King Faisal, the Kuwaiti government and the Libyan government.


Kentucky use National: @CAIRNational website:

CAIR has an official office in Lexington, but no individual website or Twitter as of yet.

Additional info:


The chapter’s leader was recorded saying, “Ultimately we Muslims can never be full citizens of this country.”

Louisiana use National: @CAIRNational website:

CAIR national is pushing the hate crimes issue in Louisiana.

Maine use National: @CAIRNational website:

CAIR national tried to get prayer rooms in public schools in Maine. It is also asking their followers to find reasons to cry Islamophobia in Maine.

Maryland Uses the DC branch and National branch. @CAIRNational website:

Additional info:
CAIR has been pushing for Muslim holidays to be observed in Maryland schools, while simultaneously working to remove Christian and Jewish holiday observance.

CAIR Maryland’s 2013 banquet featured CAIR national’s executive director Nihad Awad, who made statements in support of Hamas at the event.

Massachusetts @CAIRMass

Michigan @CAIRMI

CAIR Michigan is filing many lawsuits to silence critics.

Minnesota @CAIRMN

Additional info:

Mishkah Islamic University of North America (located in Minnesota)

Sheikh Omar Shahin, who was on the Board of Trustees, raised money for al-Qaeda and Hamas.

Mississippi use National: @CAIRNational website:

CAIR national is promoting accusations of hate crimes in Mississippi.

Missouri @CairStLouis

Montana use National: @CAIRNational website:

Additional info:

Nationally, school districts are quick to please CAIR and other Islamic organizations to force teachers who distribute factual information to students regarding Islam to either resign, or be fired. This is what CAIR national is trying to do in Montana right now.

Nebraska use National: @CAIRNational website:

CAIR national just got a big win for allowing hijab in Nebraska banks.

Nevada use National: @CAIRNational website:

There is an office in Las Vegas and they are very active, they use the national and the main website for notices.

New Hampshire use National: @CAIRNational website:

CAIR national and their main website is pushing lawsuits against New Hampshire businesses that are “Muslim Free”; if you are in New Hampshire, you need to support these local businesses.

New Jersey @CAIRNJ

CAIR New Jersy is pushing headscarfs, Islamophobia and hate crimes.

CAIR New Jersey’s Magdy Mahmoud, one of the founders, has a Facebook page supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Islamic Center of Jersey City (ICJC) has a history of links to extremism.

The president of ICJC is a Muslim Brotherhood supporter. His Facebook page used to have a photo of him at a rally in New York City for Egyptian ex-President Mohammed Morsi. He also “liked” the Muslim Brotherhood on three Arabic pages and repeatedly shared Brotherhood photos on his page.

New Mexico use National: @CAIRNational website:

New York @CAIRNewYork

Additional info:

An affiliate of CAIR New York is the Arab-American Association of New York (AAANY)

AAANY ferociously attacks anyone bringing attention to Islamic extremism. AAANY lists Qatar Foundation International as a supporter. The Foundation is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and is supportive of Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, the terrorism-advocating spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Deposit, NY is a location of Muslims of the Americas, whose headquarters is at Islamberg, New York. Muslims of the Americans was created by the Pakistani Muslim Brotherhood. A 2004 report funded by the Justice Department identifies Deposit, New York as having a jihadi “training compound” for Muslims of the Americas. FBI records confirm that MOA members have been involved in at least 10 murders, one disappearance, three firebombings, one attempted firebombing, two explosive bombings and one attempted bombing.

North Carolina use National: @CAIRNational website:

North Dakota use National: @CAIRNational website:

Additional info:

In 2015, CAIR managed to get a Muslim imam to lead a prayer at the North Dakota House opening floor session on Ash Wednesday. Why a Muslim instead of a Christian on Ash Wednesday? Because CAIR has power. Fortunately, the Muslim prayer was cancelled, but CAIR demanded an apology! Knowing about these events means you can do something.

Ohio @CAIRCincinnati

Oklahoma @cairoklahoma

CAIR Oklahoma campaigned against legislation requiring public schools to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Muslims of the Americas—Talihina, OK

Talihina, Oklahoma is a location of a jihadi training camp run by the extremist group Muslims of the Americas.

Oregon use National: @CAIRNational website:

CAIR national is pushing Islalmophobia in Oregon.

Additional info:

Islamic Center of Portland’s imam was one of the founders of the Global Relief Foundation, a charity that was shut down by the U.S. government for financing al-Qaeda.

Pennsylvania @CAIR_PA

Additional info:

The mosque at the Islamic Society of Central Pennsylvania is connected to many Muslim organizations that are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and the mosque has promoted extremism.

United Muslim Masjid / United Muslim Movement

The movement was founded by Kenneth Gamble (now known as Luqman Abdul-Haqq), who was a follower of the Nation of Islam.

Rhode Island use national and also Massachusetts National: @CAIRNational website:

On February 22, 2016 the Massachusetts chapter of CAIR held a news conference with interfaith partners and elected officials at the Rhode Island State House to show support for Governor Gina Raimondo’s welcoming response to Syrian refugees in that state. Gov. Raimondo said she would welcome the refugees.

South Carolina use National: @CAIRNational website:

CAIR national posted on 1/29/16 – CAIR today called on the South Carolina General Assembly to drop an unconstitutional, anti-Islam bill (H. 3521) currently moving through that body because it violates the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution. The bill’s sponsors, and the text of the legislation, make clear it is designed to attack the religious principles of Islam.

South Dakota use National: @CAIRNational website:

CAIR national is pushing for more mosques in South Dakota. Follow CAIR so you can stop this.

Tennessee use National: @CAIRNational website:

Islamville –Tennessee’s Islamville is a jihadi training camp run by the extremist group Muslims of the Americas (which was created by the Pakistani Muslim Brotherhood).

Texas @CAIRDFW @CAIRHouston

Additional info:

Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH)

ISGH is part of the Islamic Society of North America and it’s title is held by the North American Islamic Trust, both Muslim Brotherhood organizations. The Islamic Society of Greater Houston says it is “the largest Islamic Society in North America” and that it operates 19 separate mosques and 6 full-time Islamic Law schools.

CAIR – Houston’a president, Tarek Hussein, was named by Egyptian authorities to be a member of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.

Utah use National: @CAIRNational website:

Vermont use National: @CAIRNational website:

CAIR national is very active in Vermont.

Virginia use National: @CAIRNational website:

Additional info:

Muslims of the Americas—Meherrin, Virginia

Meherrin is the location of a 25-acre jihadi training camp run by the extremist group Muslims of the Americas (which was created the the Pakistani Muslim Brotherhood).

Washington @CAIR_WA

West Virginia use National: @CAIRNational website:

Wisconsin use National: @CAIRNational website:

CAIR national is promoting prayer rooms at various Wisconsin businesses.

Wyoming use National: @CAIRNational website:

CAIR national is pushing mosque building in Wisconsin.

What we permit, what we tolerate, we can’t change.

CAIR and the MB is obviously relying on the passivity and ignorance of the American people to continue their offensive.

But that isn’t the point of this post.

The point is this:

Now that you know all this,
what actions are you going to take
today, tomorrow, and all the tomorrows
it takes to take our country back and
force CAIR, MB and Islam
out of our country?

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We at Decisive Liberty are committed to this stance and welcome all - if you have not already - to join us in learning to live by this stance.

There are only two nations that have placed God within their Constitution and way of life - one was created by God for the people he loves, and the other was created by people who love God.

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