Facebook Audit Proves Bias Against Conservatives, Company Makes Changes

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Facebook Audit Proves Bias Against Conservatives, Company Makes Changes.

After several years of complains from conservatives about a biases from the platform Facebook has officially announced changes to assuage the concerns from right wing groups and conservatives.

One change seems inconsequential but will allow certain conservatives groups to finally advertise on Facebook.

In the end though Facebook is reluctant to admit the bias exists or existed and many in media seem to as well.

But based on the fact that several staff have confirmed the bias, facebook initiated an external audit, and then agreed to make several changes to their staff and policies after complaints we can see there was a bias.

Whether it was intentional or not is another issue.

The audit however did upset many on the left and far left who for some reason refuse to believe all the evidence that has existed for the past 3 years.

Strangely the story itself was broken by Gizmodo.

In the story I also discuss the work of Dr. Robert Epstein as he was recently smeared by Hillary Clinton in her row with Donald Trump over google’s pro left wing biases.

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