Democrats Accused Of Exploiting Campaign Staff, Hypocrisy Over Low And Even No Pay For Staff

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Democrats Accused Of Exploiting Campaign Staff, Hypocrisy Over Low And Even NO Pay For Staff.

The latest in the democratic party’s labor disputes is Elizabeth Warren who is accused of exploiting low level staff into working for free.

We also have another story about how Democrats are using deceptive accounting techniques to appear richer on paper and delaying pay to campaign staff in order to do it.

Lastly, Bernie Sanders is accused of firing three staff members for legal organizing practices.

The take away is clear, Democrats from centrist moderate, to far left are seen as hypocrites for trying to look good while exploiting or underpaying their staff.

As a moderate what do we do? DO we ignore this because “orange man bad?” or do we speak up and demand a better party?

If Warren and Sanders are in on the take then what do we really have?

Who do we vote for?

It seems that from labor to social justice these politicians simply seek to maximize their returns by saying what they think people want to hear. But when it comes time to take action they are exposed as hypocrites.

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