“The Hill” gets slapped down over misleading headline about Republican’s comment about statues

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The Hill is getting blasted today for a misleading headline maligning South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. From the Washington Examiner:

The Hill issued a correction on a story that originally claimed South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem said the removal of Confederate statues was an effort to “discredit” to the country’s Founding Fathers.

The publication originally touted a story on President Trump’s visit to Mount Rushmore and the governor’s speech with the headline, “South Dakota governor calls removal of Confederate statues effort to ‘discredit’ founding fathers.”

Of course, morons ran with it without reading her actual comments:

While others know it was fake:

They eventually issued a correction and deleted the tweet:

The publication later issued a correction, saying, “An earlier version of this story drew too strong a link between the effort to take down Confederate statues and monuments and Noem’s remarks. The headline and wording has been changed to more accurately reflect her comments.”

Some commentators decried the Hill’s original framing as “false,” pointing out the governor never said “Confederate” and was referring to other statues, such as those depicting former Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

But the damage is done is morons will continue making the false accusation against Noem. And that’s how fake news is generated and propagated…


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