Daily Caller reporter attacked by protesters for using phone to record; Police had to pull her to safety…

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A Daily Caller reporter was attacked and surrounded last night in DC by a group of ‘peaceful protesters’, who were angry that she was recording proters with her phone:

Daily Caller reporter Shelby Talcott was surrounded by protesters and attacked Monday in Washington, D.C.

While some accused Talcott of being a police officer, one woman attempted to grab her phone. Police ultimately pulled her back, handcuffed her and detained her briefly for her own safety.

Talcott explained that some of the protesters had begun to get angry that she was filming and started to surround her, accusing her of being a cop.

Reason Senior Editor Robby Soave was there witnessing the confrontation:

“I showed them I wasn’t with my phone, and they said to stop filming,” Talcott said. “I said no, it’s my job and this is a public area. One girl tried to slap my hat off and some of the others surrounded me and a cop pulled a woman back from me.”

Talcott said that the situation was escalating quickly and the protesters started to surround her again. “They weren’t willing to talk anymore or let me film,” she added, noting that one of the women attempted to grab her phone even after she showed them that she wasn’t filming anything anymore.

“I didn’t let her have it and fought her for it,” Talcott said, adding, “They weren’t there to talk, they were there to get me out by any means necessary, that was made clear when the woman attacked me to try and steal my phone.”

After that, Talcott said that she turned toward the police and they pulled her through the line and away from the crowd. They put her in cuffs, explaining to her that it was for her own safety and that she had to be handcuffed because she was behind the police line.

“They probably saved me from getting my ass beat,” Talcott concluded.

Below if video from the confrontation:

Dana Loesch responded on Twitter saying “If you don’t want to be filmed protesting or rioting in public, don’t protest or riot in public. Super simple. If it’s news, it gets covered. Heaven forbid legacy media speak out for anyone that isn’t them…”


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