Charlamagne demands Joe Biden pick a black female VP to make up for his idiotic comment

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Oh boy Biden is gonna have a terrible weekend. Charlamagane who-calls-himself-tha-god went on CNN after Biden shot himself in the foot and then he kicked his near-dead corpse some more:

Now unfortunately he goes on with some absurd liberal narratives and doesn’t get any pushback at all, like for instance, claiming that the country was built by blacks and slavery. He also claims that coronavirus hits blacks more because of “systemic” discrimination and whatever.

But he made sure that the interview did not end before making his demands, and he made it clear that he believed Biden has to make up for the stupid comment he made by choosing a black female vice president. So the ball is in his court now. Will Biden cave to the PC police and the woke pressure? He already has the black vote, it’s what got him through the primary to defeat Bernie Sanders. Will he shore it up some more or go for some other demographic? I think we shall find out soon if he keeps flailing like this.


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