Anti-Trumper Fournier Tries To Slam Trump on MI Unemployment, Blasts Whitmer on Accident

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Not long ago, Democrats and their media allies were questioning President Donald Trump’s decision to refrain from ordering a nationwide lockdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

It became clear rather quickly that this was a game being played by Democrats, and Trump wasn’t playing ball.

Trump instead insisted that the response be handled at the state level by governors.

This made sense, considering the fact that the White House does not have unlimited powers that supersede those of state governments.

The president’s decision not to impose a one-size-fits-all policy on the entire country made sense from more than a legal and political standpoint, seeing as how each state is different.

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People in Montana are generally spread out, while those in New York City literally live right on top of one another.

Even if Trump had ordered a nationwide lockdown, obstructionist Democrats would have likely resisted it and accused the president of abusing his powers.

They obstruct, delay and blame the president at every turn, which is something they swore to do before his inauguration.

In a rare bit of honesty from their party, Democrats have followed through with that promise.

They’re even obstructing the president today by using their citizens as pawns in a political game to harm Trump’s re-election chances.

With regard to the coronavirus, governors were supposed to take action based on the needs of their respective states.

But some leaders, such as Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, acted like dictators at the expense of those of their citizens.

Whitmer’s lockdown has had a devastating effect on the state’s economy, leading to a 22 percent unemployment rate, according to the Detroit Free Press.

But if you ask Ron Fournier, a former Associated Press reporter and a current full-time anti-Trump talking head, Michigan’s problems are all Trump’s fault.

Ahead of Trump’s Thursday visit to a Ford factory in Fournier’s native Michigan, the pundit connected Trump to the state’s sky-high unemployment rate, while crediting former President Barack Obama for Trump’s roaring economy prior to the pandemic.

“Last time ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ was in Michigan, the Obama recovery was holding. Unemployment was around 3%,” he wrote. “Now it’s at 22%.”

Fournier must not have realized that when he swung at Trump, he knocked out Whitmer, and swung all the way around and bludgeoned himself.

Indeed, Michigan was riding high during Trump’s last visit to the state.

Before Thursday, the last time Trump was in Michigan was on Jan. 30, when he celebrated the signing of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement with the state’s auto workers in the community of Warren, according to MLive.

Also on Jan. 30 — as NPR reported at the time — Senate Democrats were in Washington attempting to remove the president from office during their obstructionist, partisan impeachment charade.

The last time Trump was in the Wolverine State before Thursday, he was celebrating a deal meant to protect jobs for a generation to come.

But in the absence of Trump’s policies, Whitmer has plunged the state into economic catastrophe thanks to her big-government policies.

It was kind of Fournier to point that out, even though he did it by accident.

Of course, this was all bound to happen. Democratic governors were going to shut down their states, using the pandemic as an excuse to plunge the country into another Great Depression, and the media would help them blame Trump for it.

That is exactly what is occurring.

Fournier’s severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome prevents him from admitting Michigan’s previously low unemployment numbers were a result of the president’s policies.

Now, he wants to connect Trump to the state’s current quagmire, which has occurred as Whitmer has crowned herself with autocratic powers.

Fournier just didn’t intend to remind people that in the absence of light, darkness prevails — or that in the absence of Trump’s economic policies, Democrats prevailed by dismantling Michigan’s once robust economy in the span of a few months.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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