original title: 1 Gun Death per 3 Guns Owned in Brazil versus 1192 Guns Owned in the U.S. – Which Country is Safer?
by Garrett O’Brien, originally posted 13-November-2017

UPDATED at the end of this post…

The shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas church was carried out by a person who was dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Army.

As such, he lost his right to own a gun – it is still too early to know however it appears he most likely stole the one he used or gained from the black market.

Texas has a concealed carry weapons permit status (CCW), however, churches are exempt and gun owners are not permitted to carry inside a church.

This, essentially, creates a gun-free zone where gun owners – even if they have their arms stored in their car – are still without their guns within the four walls of the church.

One does not need to search too far to see where most gun attacks occur — anywhere there are gun-free zones or gun control laws.

The perpetrator was subsequently chased down by a church member who maintained his weapon in his car.

Wherever there is a gun-free zone in any country, whether, at a local, regional, or state level, evil perpetrators know they can create a lot of damage and deaths and they are, for the most part, capable of performing their evil deeds and even escaping.

Most are usually captured, however, this does not bother them as in their minds they have already won their prize.

Chicago, California, Washington, Oregon, and New York do not permit guns, they also have the highest number of deaths per 100,000 in the country, the highest levels of crime in all categories – proving for decades that one cannot legislate evil out of existence.

Wherever there are permits to carry guns, whether, at a local, regional, or state level, evil perpetrators know they will not be very successful in creating a lot of damage if any, nor is killing too many if any, these areas also have the lowest levels of crime in all categories – proving for decades that one can be their own first line of defense successfully.

The average response time by others carrying guns legally to a shooting situation is less than 5 seconds…

The average response time in a metropolitan area by law enforcement where guns are not permitted is 8 to 10 minutes…

In suburban areas, this moves up to 30 minutes…

In farmlands, quite literally hours…

Does not take a rocket scientist to see that self-protection is your first line of defense, the police are second (though you should surrender your stance upon their arrival to minimize confusion and permit them to establish control of the situation)…

More statistics —

The number of guns per 100 people (2016)
U.S.A.: 112
Brasil: 8

The number of deaths per 100,000 people (2016)
U.S.A.: 94
Brasil: 2,650

Graphic Presentation of Deaths Per Gun

Based on the above statistics…

Let one vertical bar ( “|” ) = 1 gun…

Brasil: 1 death per 3 guns

U.S.A.: 1 death per 1192 guns


By RCraig09 – Graph is “own work” (Microsoft Excel; Photoshop to color blue bars).Source data: https://dataunodc.un.org/crime/intentional-homicide-victims as of 2020-10-23 (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)), CC BY-SA 4.0, Link


UPDATED: 13-November-2017

Something else to consider, the year 2016 saw 277 justifiable homicide cases (source: FBI) – an evil person with a gun being shot by a good person with a gun.

That is more than 5 a week — how many of these do we even hear about in a month?

From a comment by one ‘newtphallanx’ to a LA Times opinion piece “Gun and self-defense statistics that might surprise you — and the NRA” by Scott Martell archive, where Scott declares that “the sea of guns in which we live causes exponentially more danger and harm than good” (spelling corrections, bold and italicized print are ours for emphasis)…

The only number you cite is justified homicides, which seems to be a pretty poor metric of how people are able to defend themselves from attackers / burgl[a]rs / whatever. Far more often is the simple fact of having the gun and letting them know you have it is enough to scare them off, and when that doesn’t work people are injured far more often than they are killed. The numbers you do touch on for that aren’t substantiated and shown how they’re better than the NRA statistics, and 67,000 prevented burglaries and violent attacks is huge, 8 times larger than the amount of homicides with a gun. Also, using suicide numbers is really dumb. They have nothing to do with self-defense. Also the 1.2 million number you cite about how many people had a chance to kill in self-defense includes people who don’t carry, who, for all we know, may be far more likely to experience a crime like that because they don’t carry. Accidental deaths are probably easier to ascribe to people like you, who’s probably barely touched a gun in their life, who hasn’t taught themselves or their family gun safety. So the conclusion we can draw is that having a gun is very good for preventing crime against yourself and your property and far outweighs the negatives that you talk about. And either way, taking someone’s right to obtaining what they need to defend themselves away is immoral and unconstitutional.

The very reason for our Second Amendment has to do with our government — the Founding Fathers were smarting from King George’s reign and knew full well that if they all were not armed the way they were, then the signers and their families on our Declaration of Independence would surely have seen the end of a rope before our fight got very far.

They foresaw a day when this may repeat itself and wisely added this Amendment so the people have the means to protect themselves from the government on a footing that is best left to the people and not their enemy, the government.


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